Thursday, May 24, 2012

About This Blog

I just finished my Freshman year at a school that i have been at my whole life. Before that, even, if you count my mom going up there when she was pregnant with me. My dad has worked at the school for over 20 years. I've gone to almost everything at that school. It's my second home. Well, looks like i'm going to have to get a third home.

We're moving. It's a very long a detailed story that i don't really wish to explain. My dad is changing jobs..we just don't know where that job will be yet. All we know is that we will have to move, and i will have to switch schools. Its a stressful process, moving. I've never changed states, or schools for that matter, so this should be different. 

So..why do i have this blog? I'm not really sure. Maybe for pure entertainment. I recently got into "DIY" things thanks to wonderful pinterest. So i'm sure there will be some of that on here. Along with the regular updates. So, hopefully you enjoy this blog. I know i will! 

Like the title of the blog says...Let's call this a new beginning..

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