Friday, May 25, 2012

The Other Side of the Country?

I've been there before, but not to live. It's all the way across the country. And I'll be visiting there next week. 

Two schools across the country from us contacted my dad, asking him to come out and visit. One of them wants me to come out as well so i can see the school and meet some people. So i am! They are paying for both of us, thank goodness..

I'll have a lot of fun pictures to show when i get back, probably. Trips with my dad are always the best. Later today we're going to JC Penny's to find some luggage. I guess that'll be my picture for today

I knew moving was going to be hard..but if we move across the country, were going to have to drive. That'll take about four days..whew. And Jewels..we better be able to take her with us..

At least it'll probably give me some good stories to tell. 

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