Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 3- Party!

So, since I'm moving, i had a party for my friends and I. A good number of them showed up! I forgot to get a group picture during the party..but here's a picture of half of my freshman class. 

 I'm going to miss them so much. 

Love you guys. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 2- New Luggage

My day was filled with shopping. So...

Yay new luggage! The smaller one is mine. It's Liz Claiborne brand. (oooh fancy)

Not sure when I'll have time to pack..due to friends at my house..a party..getting my older sister from the air port..going to a wedding..hmm..

This should be interesting.  

Canvas Artwork

Once again..this is a pinterest thing. I've had blank canvases laying around that i didn't know what to do with. So i did this: 
I don't really have a name for it. So if you think of something, let me know. 

It was quite simple, actually.
All i did was paint the canvas and let it dry. While it was drying, i traced and cut out flower petal/leaf shapes out of different colors of scrapbook paper. It was actually quite relaxing, considering i was watching Say Yes To The Dress at the time as well. I still haven't glued down the paper..maybe I'll do that today..after i glue down the paper, I'll cover it with a coat of modge podge just to give it a smooth finish. 

Now the problem is where to hang it..

The Other Side of the Country?

I've been there before, but not to live. It's all the way across the country. And I'll be visiting there next week. 

Two schools across the country from us contacted my dad, asking him to come out and visit. One of them wants me to come out as well so i can see the school and meet some people. So i am! They are paying for both of us, thank goodness..

I'll have a lot of fun pictures to show when i get back, probably. Trips with my dad are always the best. Later today we're going to JC Penny's to find some luggage. I guess that'll be my picture for today

I knew moving was going to be hard..but if we move across the country, were going to have to drive. That'll take about four days..whew. And Jewels..we better be able to take her with us..

At least it'll probably give me some good stories to tell. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 1-Laundry and Jewels

Well, this is what my day consisted of. Cleaning up my room, doing laundry, and trying to keep Jewels OUT of the laundry.

And yes. That is an umbrella in my laundry basket.

Now, don't ask me how it got in there. Or how it survived the washer and dryer. I have no idea..but that explains the horrid noises coming from the dryer...

Magnetic Makeup Board

Don't you love pinterest? I know i do..i get such great ideas! Here's one of them:
This is a magnetic make up board. its simple really. 
What I Did:
I went out and bought an old, ugly frame from the Salvation Army (several, really. the most expensive was $2) i went to my local hardware store and asked for a piece of sheet metal cut to fit the frame. Now, the metal is extremely thin, so i had to get a piece of wood to fit inside the frame as well. 
I went to Hancock Fabrics and got the flowery printed fabric (Which i love) to cover the wood and metal. I glued the metal to the wood using liquid nails. So, after that finished drying, i covered it with the fabric (attach using hot glue). I had some paint, so i painted the frame to make it look less ugly and more cute. Then put the wood/metal in the frame with the metal facing out. Glue magnets on the back of each of your eyeshadows, blush, etc and you're done!

except...i wanted to add some holders for those brushes and eyeliners im always losing. 

My mom loves cooking. And she loves saving things. she had some old cans and a mason jar that she let me have. I painted them and glued some ribbon on them, and voila! i have cute holders! 

Now this part is my favorite..
This is an old butter container. I glued some paper and ribbon on it, and now its a facial wipe/tissue holder! I happen to love it. 

So there you have it! I still haven't hung it on my wall yet, and i probably won't (since we're moving). This is great for organizing your makeup (except all of mine is currently in a bag from spending the night at a friend's house) and is just a cute decoration for your bedroom/bathroom wall. 


So here i am..sitting in my lovely den, eating a bagel with nutella (yum!), and trying to keep my 1 year old goldendoodle under control. She's a mess. I love her to death, but my goodness. Her name is Jewels. 

Yep, that's her! She is quite photogenic. 

Well, its my 8th day of summer. There's really a lot i could do today. Okay, not a lot. Considering I don't have my license..yet. I could probably post on my blog all day..but that would not be very productive. 

I should probably clean up my room. I'll admit, its a wreck. Guess that just means I'm a normal teenage girl. Mom would be pretty happy if i did. I should probably pack up some things too. 

Still no clue where we will be moving to. I really have no idea where ill be in the fall. But thankfully God knows. I don't even know the number of schools dad's applied to, but i do know he has heard back from a few. 

So here i go..I'm going to venture into the craziness of my room..

Guess I'll start with laundry. 

About This Blog

I just finished my Freshman year at a school that i have been at my whole life. Before that, even, if you count my mom going up there when she was pregnant with me. My dad has worked at the school for over 20 years. I've gone to almost everything at that school. It's my second home. Well, looks like i'm going to have to get a third home.

We're moving. It's a very long a detailed story that i don't really wish to explain. My dad is changing jobs..we just don't know where that job will be yet. All we know is that we will have to move, and i will have to switch schools. Its a stressful process, moving. I've never changed states, or schools for that matter, so this should be different. 

So..why do i have this blog? I'm not really sure. Maybe for pure entertainment. I recently got into "DIY" things thanks to wonderful pinterest. So i'm sure there will be some of that on here. Along with the regular updates. So, hopefully you enjoy this blog. I know i will! 

Like the title of the blog says...Let's call this a new beginning..